tomdapi / tom goyon
Tom Goyon



an animated short movie   




This short film was my final year project at the Emile Cohl School.

Luke has always been fascinated by the sort sol,
the stunning formations of starlings that can be seen in the Danish sky, but he lacks the courage to make the trip to Denmark to photograph them.

This film is a funny and light-hearted portrait of a young man grappling with his lack of self-confidence.



/voices and music


I was lucky enough to have my characters brought to life
by the voices of Jérôme Niel (Luke and his negative)
and Marion Seclin (the teacher) from Studio Bagel

Louis Buignet did a remarkable job composing the soundtrack of the film,
which manages to be both catchy and tinted with melancholy.
He was also responsible for the sound design.

 Jérôme Niel

/concept art

My principal source of inspiration is the american indie film scene
(The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl).
I tried to recreate a warmly lit, retro ambiance
that mimics the vintage quality of Luke’s silver-film photos.

The link between photography and the theme of insecurity is underlined
by the way Luke’s double is presented like a photographic negative.


/background design